a series of four murals inspired by the poem
Ciudad sin sueño (Nocturno de Brooklyn Bridge) / Sleepless City (Brooklyn Bridge Nocturne),
a three year project sponsored by Artmakers Inc.

Friday, May 4, 2012

2012 Phase 1: GET FUND$ - donate today!

Watch this short film about the making of the 1st "Sleepless City" mural on Starr. St
(film by Julia Reagan; http://vimeo.com/41535724)

The Lorca Mural Project is now on NYC-based crowd-source fundraising website ioby.org, and we need your donations!

Doing a mural series of this scale requires a lot of love, creativity and dedication....but it also requires money for materials and project support!  Our page at ioby.org is how we are raising the funds to get parts 2 & 3 of the Sleepless City mural series off the ground.  The starting date for the next mural is June 4, 2012 so we need your donations ASAP! Remember anything you can give makes a difference and your donations help to celebrate cultural diversity, community arts, and urban beautification!

There will also be opportunities for you to help with the actual process of creating the mural, and we will be posting a schedule of our work hours so you know when you can come by.  If you would like a more involved role or for us to know of your intentions to volunteer, please send us an email through our page on ioby.org.  We are also applying for grants and in-kind donations from local businesses (and having a fiesta fundraiser in May - more on that later!), but independent donations are our most important source of financial support.

Donate to Federico Garcia Lorca "Sleepless City" Mural Project @ ioby.org NOW --->